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Bark the Badge is a Not-for-profit Organization, specifically founded to support United States Law Enforcement in training, K9 and equipment procurement and highest performing K9 Teams possible.

We could not be more excited, happy or honored to have finalized our exclusive partnership with Mr. Roger Abshire and US-K9 Unlimited!
If you have been in or around the space of working-dogs for more than five minutes, you’ve heard of Roger Abshire and his world renowned K9 Training company, US-K9.
They have supplied police dogs to 100s of agencies across the United States and internationally. They not only train law enforcement dogs, they train handlers from start to finish, and prescribe how to maintain the best performance after the team deploys back to their departments.
Their training includes a long list of components, from dog handling 101, nutrition, first aid, through US Supreme Court Case Laws. The impact they have had in K9 Teams and getting drug traffickers apprehended is stunning! We will share their historical statistics at a later date.
There are a number of reasons that US-K9 and Mr. Abshire are the best in the business, and we will share more in our actual press release ... coming soon.
We can say this ... once ‘The Mission’ of Bark the Badge was presented to them, there was no hesitation. In fact, in less than a second, Mr. Abshire said: “We are in, how do we help?”.
We are absolutely honored to share this journey with these great folks AND deliver on the purpose of Bark the Badge!