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You believe police dog-teams are effective?

The folks at USK9 know it to be absolute fact ... the handlers and dogs trained by Mr. Roger Abshire and the USK9 Team have proven, many times over, that they produce the best in the nation!

Here are some of the staggering statistics produced by USK9 Trained Law Enforcement K9s!

Apprehensions: 45,667
Cash Recovered: $295,650,837
Marijuana Recovered: 1,999,898.5 lbs
Cocaine Recovered: 17,423 lbs
Methamphetamine Recovered: 13,587 lbs
Crack Recovered: 5,604.34 lbs
Heroin Recovered: 1,124.34 lbs
Misc Pills: 22,000+
XTC Recovered: 625.9 lbs
Felony Arrests: 5,220
Primary Arrests: 11,545
Terrorist Arrests: 18
False Compartments: 2746